Custom Reports

Create a Custom Report

To create a custom report:

  1. On the Customization tab, click Overview in the left navigation.

  2. Click + New Custom Report.

  3. Enter a name for the report.

  4. For Type, select Explorer (a hierarchy of data tables linked by clickable rows) or Flat table (a single table that shows all data).


    1. Enter a name for the first group of metrics.

    2. Click + add metric to add each metric. Click + add metric group to add a tab with another group of metrics.

    3. Click + add dimension to add dimensions.
      Adding more than one dimension makes it possible for the person viewing the report to drill down into more specific data.

    Flat Table

    1. Click + add dimension to add a dimension. Add up to two dimensions.

    2. Click +add metric to add a metric. Add up to 25 metrics.

  5. Click Add a filter if you want to limit the report to a subset of data.
    • Select a dimension.
    • Select Include or Exclude.
    • Select the type of match you want: Exact or Regex.
    • Enter the value for your match.

  6. If you want this report to be available in additional views, add them.

  7. Click Save.