Browser & OS

This report lets you see the different browsers that people use to reach your site, along with other configurations about the systems that run those browsers (operating system, screen resolution, screen colours, Flash version and Java support).

This information is helpful when you are making design decisions about your site. For example, if the bulk of your visitors are using screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and above, you can design for the additional viewing area. With information about which browsers visitors use and whether they maintain recent versions of Flash, you can scope your testing to cover the most likely population.

You can also view statistics in light of how different configurations contribute to total revenue or transactions. Click the E-commerce tab, and then above the pie chart, make your selections from the Contribution to total menu. Looking at the numbers this way lets you see things like whether affinity for a particular technology equates to a tendency to spend (e.g. only 20% of visitors use a particular browser, but those same visitors account for over a third of your revenue).