This report lets you see how much time people spend on your site, in increments of seconds, and how many pages they view.

Single-page visits are assigned to the 0-10 visit-duration and < 1 page-depth categories. Google Analytics determines visit duration by tracking the elapsed time between pageviews. The last page of a visit is not recorded since there is no subsequent pageview.

Depending on the nature of your site, your target duration for a visit will vary. For example, if you have a blog or news site, you're probably hoping that visitors spend some time there to carefully read through the content. On the other hand, if the purpose of your site is to let people purchase the items in their shopping baskets and they're spending a lot of time there, you might conclude that your check-out process is unnecessarily complicated.

As with visit duration, your goals for page depth can vary depending on the nature of your site. If you're running the website for a college, you want visitors to look at the pages that give a background of the college, describe the different departments and faculties, highlight sports programmes and social activities, along with pages that provide information about the submissions process. If the purpose of your site is to provide contact information for government agencies in your county, you may want your visitors to have to view only one or two pages before they find the information that they need.