Audience Overview

An at-a-glance view of of user metrics. You can see sessions over the last month (line graph), new vs returning users (pie chart), and a list of values for each of the following metrics:

  • Sessions (total number of sessions to your site)
  • Users (total number of unique users to your site)
  • Pageviews (total number of pages viewed on your site)
  • Pages per Session (average number of pages viewed per session)
  • Average Session Duration (average session length of all users)
  • Bounce Rate (percent of single-page sessions)
  • New Users (percent of total users who came your site for the first time)

In the table at the bottom of the report, you can see metrics for the following dimensions:

  • Language
  • Country/Territory
  • City
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • Service Provider
  • Mobile Operating System
  • Mobile Service Provider
  • Mobile Screen Resolution

Click each dimension to see the relevant metrics (e.g., for the City dimension, you see values for individual cities). For each metric, you see the count and percent of sessions.