Updates to iOS 14+ campaign measurement

Learn about GBRAID and WBRAID

Due to changes in the privacy landscape and users' expectations, the Google click identifier (GCLID) is no longer used without user consent in iOS14+. Instead, Google Ads introduced two new URL parameters to help comply with Apple’s policies and help you measure the results of your ads on iOS. For web to app measurement, the parameter is known as GBRAID, and for app to web measurement, it's known as WBRAID. Learn more

How these updates impact Google Analytics

  • Google Ads integrations in Google Analytics: You can continue to use your existing Google Ads integrations, including importing Analytics key events into Google Ads from both Universal Analytics properties and Google Analytics 4 properties.
  • Reporting in Google Analytics 4: Google Analytics 4 reporting on impacted traffic will use modeled conversions.
  • Reporting in Universal Analytics: Impacted traffic is reported as source/medium = google/cpc. Additional Google Ads dimensions (including Campaign) will be reported as (not set).

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