[UA→GA4] Goals from multiple views

You can configure up to 30 conversions in a Google Analytics 4 (GA4) property (up to 50 for a 360 property). This is in addition to the 4 automatically collected conversions events. In cases where you have defined more than 30 goals across all the views in a Universal Analytics property, you may want to reconsider your measurement approach. A conversion should only measure the most important events on your site or app. If needed, you can use GA4 features such as audiences and comparisons in your conversion analysis to replicate similar goals that you have defined in different views of your Universal Analytics property.

Map similar goals from multiple views

If you have goals defined in multiple Universal Analytics views, how you map them as GA4 conversions depends on how similar the goals are relative to the Universal Analytics view.

If, for instance, your Universal Analytics web property has a view defined for the United States and a view defined for Canada, both of which contain a "Contact Us" goal based on identical pageviews and interactions, you can probably create a single corresponding conversion event in the GA4 property that encompasses users from both the U.S. and Canada.

If, on the other hand, each view contains a "Special Offer" goal, but these two identically named goals actually correspond to different offers, you’ll probably want to generate different conversion events in GA4, for example, special_offer_us and special_offer_canada.

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