Set up (web)

Web tracking: Set up overview

The Google Analytics tracking code collects visitor data for your web property and returns that data to Analytics where you can see it in reports. When you add a new web property to your Analytics account, Analytics generates the tracking code snippet that you need to add to the pages whose data you want to collect. The tracking code snippet contains a unique ID for the web property that lets you identify that property's data in your reports. You can use just the snippet that Analytics generates for you or you can customise the tracking code to collect additional data like transactions and product purchases (e-commerce) or visitor behaviour across primary and subdomains (cross-domain tracking).

To get started, read about setting up the tracking code on your website.

In addition to static properties, you can track dynamic sites, company intranets, blogs and mobile applications.

You can also track visitors across multiple domains.

If you're interested in more detailed information, you can visit Google Code to find out how the tracking code works, and how you can customise the tracking code.