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Different data in Analytics than in shopping cart service

There are several reasons why your shopping cart may have different data than you see in your Analytics reports.

  • Your shopping cart may be configured to report data in a different time zone than your Analytics reports. For example, your shopping cart may be configured to report on Eastern Standard Time, while your Analytics reports are configured to report on Pacific Standard Time.
    Under these circumstances, a transaction that appears in Analytics as having occurred at 11 PM PST on Monday is recorded in your shopping cart as having Occurred on 1 AM on Tuesday. As a result, your daily reports contain different data.
  • Your reports can be off if you set up your Analytics Ecommerce tracking in the middle of the day. Transactions that occurred before you implemented Analytics tracking do not appear in your Analytics reports, but do appear in your shopping cart reports.
  • Transactions that are cancelled by adding a negative transaction of equal value do not appear in reports: transactions with a value of 0 are not reported.
  • Analytics Ecommerce tracking may not be properly set up. Read Set up Ecommerce tracking to make sure that you have implemented the code properly.
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