Common Issues

Missing Ecommerce data

If Ecommerce data is missing from your reports, follow the instructions below to make sure you've enable Ecommerce, and that you've correctly added the tracking code to your receipt page.

Make sure Ecommerce is enabled

To verify that you've enable Ecommerce:

  1. In your Google Analytics account, click Admin from the top of any page.
  2. Navigate to the account, property, and view. Click Settings under view.
  3. Under the Ecommerce settings section, change the selection to Yes, and Ecommerce site/app.
  4. Click Apply.

Make sure Google Analytics is installed correctly on the receipt page or screen

The receipt page or screen must include the tracking code from the correct Analytics account and property. Follow the set up instructions in the Developer Guide for your specific environment: Universal Analytics (analytics.js) or classic Google Analytics (ga.js).You must use the same method as your collection snippet.

The changes you need to make depend on which tracking code you’re using. See if you have Classic Analytics (ga.js) or Universal Analytics (analytics.js).