This article is about Universal Analytics. If you are using the next generation of Google Analytics, refer to the Google Analytics 4 properties section of this help center.

Square brackets [ ] and the hyphen -

Square brackets [ ]

Use square brackets to create a set of characters to match.

When you include a series of characters in brackets, your expression matches 1 of those characters.

For example, the expression PART[123] matches:

  • PART1
  • PART2
  • PART3

The expression doesn’t match:

  • PART12
  • PART23
  • PART123

Hyphen -

Use the hyphen along with the brackets to create a range of characters to match.

For example, if you need to match any uppercase letter, you can specify [A-Z].

If you need to match any digit, you can specify [0-9].

If you needed to match all of the part numbers above, you could use the following expression:


  • [A-Z] (matches any uppercase letter)
  • + (one or more times)
  • [0-9] (matches any digit)
  • + (one or more times)
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