Creating Custom Alerts

When you create a custom alert, that alert is visible only to you in your current view and in any other views to which you apply the alert.

To create a custom alert:

  1. Open one of the Intelligence reports (Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Alerts).

  2. Below the bar graph, in the Custom Alerts field, click Create a Custom Alert.

  3. Alert name: Enter a name for your custom alert.

  4. Apply to: If you want to apply the alert to additional views, open the other views menu, then select the check box for each view to which you want to apply the alert. The alert is then available to you in any of the other views you select.

  5. Period: Select the frequency at which the alert can be generated (Day, Week, Month).

  6. Send me an email when this alert triggers: Select this check box if you want to receive an email when the alert is generated.
    If you want other people to also receive email, open the other email addresses menu, click Add new email address, enter the address and label, then click OK.
    Learn more about the email alerts that Analytics sends.

  7. Set up your mobile phone: Click this link to enter your mobile phone number, and configure the system to send a text message when an alert is generated.

  8. Alert Conditions:
    • This applies to: Select the dimension to which the alert applies.
    • Alert me when: Select the metric to which the alert applies, the condition that generates the alerts (e.g., Is less than, Is greater than), and enter the value for the condition (e.g., Is less than 20).

  9. Click Create Alert.

For information about enabling/disabling automatic alerts; editing, copying, sharing, and deleting custom alerts; as well as using alert templates and alerts that have been configured for other report views, see Managing Alerts.