Set up (web)

Additional Kinds of Tracking

In addition to tracking download links, outbound links and redirects, you can set up the following kinds of tracking for your site:

  • Flash Tracking
    If you want to track visitor activity on your Flash elements or Flash-based website, see Google Analytics Tracking for Adobe Flash on the Google Developers site.

  • E-commerce tracking
    If you have a shopping basket that you want to track with Analytics, read the Set Up E-commerce article.

  • Customised Visitor tracking
    You can customise the length of the visitor session or determine the type of browser information that you want to collect from your visitors. To learn more, see our Google Developers documentation on Visitor Configuration. You can also define your visitor types like member and non-member by using custom variables. See our Custom Variables documentation on the Google Developers site for more information.

  • Event Tracking
    You can use Event Tracking to track visitor activity to any non-pageview-related feature of your site, such as movies, gadgets or Ajax-based utilities. For information, see Event Tracking.

  • User Timings tracking
    Google Analytics automatically tracks page-load times. Set up customised tracking to measure timings for Ajax-based operations and resources to load. For more information, see Site Speed User Timings on the Google Developers site.