[UA] Additional kinds of measurement

The following kinds of measurement are commonly used on websites:

In this article:

Downloadable files

Clicks on links to downloadable files (e.g. PDF, AVI, WMV) can be measured as Events or virtual pageviews. When you set up an Event to capture clicks on a link, Analytics counts the clicks as event hits. When you set up a virtual pageview to measure clicks on a link, Analytics counts the clicks as page hits.

To measure clicks as Events:

To measure clicks as pageviews:


If you want to measure data activity on your Flash elements or Flash-based website, see Analytics for Adobe Flash on Analytics Developers.


To set up Ecommerce measurement:


With Events, you can measure interactions with elements embedded in your pages and screens, like buttons, links, videos, and gadgets.

To measure Events:

Custom dimensions

Custom dimensions let you collect and analyze data that Analytics doesn't automatically measure. You can, for example, use custom dimensions to define user types, like member and non-member.

User timings

Analytics automatically measures page and screen load times, but you can also set up customized tags to measure how long it takes for Ajax-based operations and resources to load.

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