Set up (web)

Additional kinds of tracking

In addition to tracking download links, outbound links, and redirects, you can set up the following kinds of tracking for your site:

Flash tracking

If you want to track data activity on your Flash elements or Flash-based website, see Google Analytics Tracking for Adobe Flash in our Developers Guide.

Ecommerce tracking

If you have a shopping cart that you want to track with Analytics, read the set up Ecommerce tracking.

Customized tracking

Custom dimensions let you collect and analyze data that Google Analytics doesn't automatically track. You can, for example, use custom dimensions to define user types, like member and non-member.

Event tracking

With Event tracking, you can track interactions with elements embedded in your pages and screens, like buttons, links, videos, and gadgets. Learn more about Events.

User timings tracking

Google Analytics automatically tracks page and screen load times, but you can also set up customized tracking to measure how long it takes for Ajax-based operations and resources to load. Learn more in our Developer Guides: