About the Audience reports

The Audience reports are designed to provide insight into:

  • Who makes up your audience (demographics, interests, location, language, custom variables)
  • How that audience reaches and consumes your site (technology, mobile)
  • Loyalty and engagement (behaviour)

Demographics (Age, Gender)

Understanding the age-and-gender composition of your audience gives you an opportunity to precisely tailor your content and advertising, from the graphics, language and technical sophistication that you employ on your site to the creative contents and placements for your ads. Learn more

Interests (Affinity Categories, Other Categories)

Interest information gives you context for expanding your advertising into related markets (affinity categories), and for focusing your advertising on exactly the users who demonstrate a likelihood to consume your content or purchase your products (other categories). Learn more

Geo (Language, Location)

It’s important to know whether you’re getting a response from visitors to whom you direct different language versions of your advertising, but you also want to know what kind of traffic you’re getting from visitors outside those targets. Maybe you’re advertising in English and Spanish, but also getting high-conversion visitors who speak French and Italian, indicating an opportunity to localise your ads to those languages and speak more directly to a lucrative market.

You want information about visitors from the areas that you already target in your advertising, but you should also know about traffic from other geographic areas whose visitors exhibit a natural interest in your products.

Behaviour (Recency, Frequency, New vs. Returning)

Measure the gravitational pull of your site, and the extent to which you’re encouraging first-time visitors to return. You can also see the economic impact of new vs. returning visitors (e.g., the 30% of visitors who are returning account for 45% of total transactions).

Technology (Browser & OS, Network)

Understanding the technologies that visitors use to reach and consume your site lets you fine tune current versions, and plan upcoming implementations. For example, you want to be sure that your site is fully functional in current browsers, but you also want to stay abreast of the extent to which visitors are migrating away from desktop to mobile browsers, and plan your development accordingly.

Mobile (Devices)

As your users migrate to mobile devices, understanding which devices they use, the input methods they use to interact with your content and the screen sizes on which they're viewing your content lets you tweak current versions, and plan for future development.

Custom (Custom Variables, User Defined)

You can use Custom Variables to extend the scope of your Segments. Visitor-level custom variables let you identify visitors by aggregate behaviour over a date range rather than by discrete, single-session interactions with your site. Learn more