Google Analytics tracks the following kinds of data about how users interact with your site content:

  • The pages on which they enter and exit your site.
  • How often and how long they view individual pages.
  • The extent to which they search your site for specific content.
  • The extent to which they interact with things like slide shows or embedded videos.
  • How frequently they click AdSense ads, and the revenue you see from those clicks.

Based on this data, you can develop an understanding of how well your content addresses the purpose of your site (for example, to sell winter sports wear).

For example, if your landing pages have a high bounce rate and users spend only a few seconds on those pages, you might conclude that the page content does not meet users' expectations, or that the page isn't designed to effectively draw users further into your site.

On the other hand, if a great percentage of users are leaving your site from the page that concludes a transaction, you can infer that your site design is working in your favor.

If users tend to search your site more often than you anticipate, you might consider redesigning the site navigation.

You can determine, too, whether AdSense ads are delivering the revenue you expected. If not, you may need to revisit where on your page you're displaying the ads, or edit your content to see if different ads fare better.