Intelligence for AdWords

The following article is from Intelligence Just Got Smarter on the Google Analytics Blog.

If you have linked your Google Analytics account with an AdWords account, Intelligence will now automatically surface important changes in your AdWords campaigns performance right in Google Analytics. So, in addition to the alerts you are used to getting, such as session duration and revenue, you’ll now receive alerts about your AdWords campaigns and the traffic they are bringing to your website.

With AdWords alerts in Analytics Intelligence, you benefit from automatic detection of significant changes, with no extra work for you to configure these yourself. For example, you might see an alert if the CTR for one of your campaigns increased unexpectedly. Or you might find that revenue from one of your destination URLs has dropped significantly from the week before. In both cases, you didn’t need to know ahead of time what to look for. These important changes are automatically detected and brought to your attention.

In order to use AdWords alerts in Analytics Intelligence, you need to have a linked AdWords account. Additionally, you need to have destination URL auto-tagging turned on. If you already use the AdWords reports in Analytics, you’re all set.

  1. Sign into your Analytics account.
  2. Select Intelligence in the left-hand navigation
  3. Choose daily (default), weekly, or monthly alerts.

Directly underneath the graph, you’ll see check boxes for Custom Alerts, Web Analytics, and AdWords. If you want to focus solely on your AdWords alerts, you can uncheck Custom Alerts and Web Analytics. Then, you can adjust the sensitivity slider to see just the most significant alerts or create an advanced segment to more closely investigate the change.