The Overview report provides a breakdown of how much traffic engages using a mobile device.

The Mobile Devices report lets you see data organized by mobile device, brand, service provider, input selector (e.g., touchscreen, joystick, stylus), operating system, and other dimensions like screen resolution (all on the Explorer tab), and by the locations the traffic originates from (the Map Overlay tab).

Understanding mobile traffic to your site can give you an indication of whether you need to design your site to accommodate both mobile and desktop traffic, or whether the traffic justifies a separate mobile site. For example, while mobile traffic may represent only a few percent of your overall traffic, you might find that they convert at a higher rate and that the average value of mobile transactions is higher. In this case, a site devoted exclusively to mobile platforms (streamlined content, simpler navigation) might further encourage transactions via smart phones.

Viewing data by location (Map Overlay tab) lets you understand the current origins of mobile traffic, as well as make predictions about where traffic will increase. For example, when you view a single date range, you might see that the greatest number of users come from an expected region like the United States or United Kingdom, but when you use a comparative date range, you see an unexpected jump in new traffic from Brazil or India. If you're reaching saturation in one market but seeing signs of rapid growth in another, you can shift emphasis to those new markets (e.g., deploy new mobile servers in those regions, reallocate creative services to create ads and marketing materials for those areas, create new mobile applications aimed at those markets). Note that city location may not be accurate for data from mobile devices.

You can also create segments for different devices or operating systems, so you can compare, for example, traffic and revenue from Galaxies and iPads, or Android and iPhone devices. If your business revolves around products like mobile applications, you can see which operating systems are most prevalent in your traffic, and design to that market.

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