Custom alert examples

Here are a few examples of custom alerts and how to set them up.

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Revenue Drop Alert

This alert is triggered if traffic from the medium 'cpc' (i.e. cost-per-click), such as Google AdWords, has a revenue decrease of more than 15%, compared to the same day in the previous week. This example uses 15% to allow for normal traffic fluctuations; select a percentage amount that makes sense for your business.

If certain days (e.g weekends) are know to have lower revenue rates than others, it's a good idea to select 'Same day in the previous week' instead of 'Previous day'.

The Revenue metric used in this example will only work for properties that send ecommerce hits. However, if you measure return on ad spend using goals and goal value, you can use the Goal Value metric instead.

Landing Page Bounce Rate Increase

This alert allows you to monitor the performance of a specific landing page. The alert is triggered if the page's bounce rate increases by more than 20%.

For example, let's say that you run a large website with multiple departments:

  • /electronics/
  • /fashion/
  • /kids/

You could change the dimension condition to 'Starts with' /kids/ to monitor the performance of the kids section. Of course, bounce rate is just a suggestion. You might try other metrics such as revenue.

Campaign Performance

Alert 1

Alert 2

In this example, we create two alerts because we want to monitor performance in both directions, positive and negative.

Comparison is set to "previous day", since an online retailer might typically see a steady increase in sales leading up to Christmas day.

The first alert lets you know that your campaign is increasing in revenue. The second alert lets you know that something may be wrong and that the campaign may need to be adjusted.

Keyword Performance

If you know a particular keyword is important to your return on ad spend, you may want to monitor it more closely by creating an alert. This can be especially important for seasonal keywords, where many advertisers may be competing for top listings in search results.

This alert allows you to monitor a drop in expected traffic, and gives you the opportunity to make changes to your advertising to compensate.

Country Performance

If you target a region in Google AdWords and want to ensure you get a consistent number of users, simply select the dimension Country/Territory. For more granular detail, select the dimension City and provide a value such as Munich.

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