How Google Allo manages data

Google Allo provides a smart messaging experience while protecting your information and putting you in control. The Google Privacy Policy applies to most Google services, including Google Allo. This article provides some additional information for Google Allo.

Information Google collects through Google Allo

When you use Google Allo, we collect information in several ways, including the following:

  • Information you provide when registering for the app, like your profile name or phone number.
  • Information based on your use of the app. For example, we may collect your device information, IP address, or browser information.
  • Data based on your interactions or activity within the app.

How this information is used

We use data collected through Google Allo in a variety of ways, including to improve the product and develop new products, to provide personalization within the product, and to detect abuse. For example, we may use aggregated metrics to understand which features are most heavily used, to guide further development of Google Allo.

We also use messages that aren't sent with incognito mode to suggest simple, pre-written responses in a way that learns the user’s own messaging style. To speed up communication, the app also will remember the stickers that you recently used, so that you can easily go back to them.

Settings and controls

Google Allo has a number of settings and controls that allow users to directly control their data. For example, you can decide what personal information, if any, to include in their profiles and can block other users with whom they don’t want to interact.

Users can also use an end-to-end encrypted messaging mode, called incognito mode. If you are in incognito mode, only you and the people with whom you're chatting can read what's sent. Incognito mode also allows expiring chats, so you can set the messages to disappear after a period of time and private notifications to help keep chats more discreet.

You can also delete content from Google Allo. For example, you can delete a photo from your profile, or delete received or sent messages from your chats. Learn how to change your information and settings in the Allo.

Does Google store the information collected in Google Allo?

Data collected by Google when you use Google Allo is stored on Google servers for a limited period of time -- usually for less than two months, although there are exceptions. For example, we retain profile data, like your name and photo, and data about who a user blocked whilst your phone number is registered for the app.

You can unregister your phone number from Google Allo or delete individual messages or chats.

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