See voice messages as text

You can read voice messages you send or receive in Allo in the U.S., Brazil, and U.K. in English and Portuguese.

Note: This feature is only available on Android.

Turn transcripts on or off

You can see your voice messages written in the language you use on your phone.

  1. On your Android phone, open Allo Allo app.
  2. Tap Menu Menuand then Settings Settingsand then Chat.
  3. Turn Voice message transcripts on or off.

If you turn off transcripts but someone in your chat turns them on, that person will still see your messages.

Note: Google transcribes your messages but doesn't permanently store them.

Improve accuracy for transcripts

Try out these tips for a more accurate transcription.

  • Record in a quiet place. Any noise or voice in the background, like from the TV, will be picked up.
  • Speak clearly and slowly.
  • Hold the phone close by.
  • Keep your recordings under one minute.
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