Use polls or search for gifs in chats

In Allo, you can search for gifs or take polls through features, like Lucky and YesNo, in individual or group chats.

  • Lucky: You can send a gif related to your message.
  • YesNo: You can create a yes-or-no poll in a group chat.

Send a gif or start a poll

  1. Choose the feature that you want to use:
    • Lucky: From smart replies, tap Lucky or type "@Lucky." Then write a keyword or phrase (for the gif), like "@lucky, happy birthday."
    • YesNo: From the smart replies, tap YesNo or type "@yesno." Then write the poll question, like "@yesno, movies this weekend?"
  2. The gif or poll will be sent automatically in your chat.

Note for polls: To answer the question, tap Yes or No.

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