Control what info is shared with your Google Assistant

We take your privacy seriously. You choose what you share with your Google Assistant. For more personalized answers and suggestions, your Assistant asks you for permissions when you set up your account.

What’s shared with your Google Assistant

The info your Assistant has access to changes depending on whether you’re using Google Allo or Google Home. 

Google Allo

After you register the Google Allo app, your Assistant and the app can see:

  • Google Allo profile information, like your name and photo, if available.
  • Your Google Allo phone number
  • Your Google Allo app version
  • Group chat information 
Google Home
Learn more about what's shared with your Assistant when you use Google Home.

Give permissions for a more personalized experience

You can let your Assistant see other information for responses that are more tailored to you. The permissions you can give change depending on whether you’re using Google Allo or Google Home.

Google Allo

With your permission, your Google Assistant can see:

  • Where your phone is, which lets your Assistant give you local info like weather and restaurant recommendations.
  • Info on your phone, like your contacts, storage, or calendar.
  • Your Google Account info, including your search history, voice and audio activity, and other info stored in your account. If you connect your Google Account, your Assistant can provide better results and suggestions
Google Home
Learn more about what info you can let your Assistant see when you use Google Home.

Delete your Google Assistant activity

If your Assistant has access to your Google Account, your conversation history will be saved to your account’s My Activity page. You can delete your Google Assistant activity any time.

Common questions

How does Google use my information?

We use data to make our services, like the Google Assistant, more useful to you. You can learn more at Google's Privacy Policy page.

Does Google share or sell my information?

Your personal information isn't sold to anyone. If you're ever interacting with a third party, we'll let you know so that you're in control of the information you share.

Is my conversation history being used to improve the Google Assistant?

We'll continue to improve the usefulness of the Google Assistant over time, and part of this is through learning from past activity with the Google Assistant.

Does Google use my conversation history to personalize the ads I see?

If you interact with the Google Assistant, we treat this similarly to searching on Google and may use these interactions to deliver more useful ads. You can delete past interactions with your Assistant at any time.

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