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Start a group chat

You can start a group chat with friends through Google Allo. You can message anyone in your contacts who has Allo or who can be reached through an app preview message or an SMS notification.

Groups are limited to 256 people. You can add people directly, share the chat's link, or use a QR code. If you can't send a message using Allo, you'll see "Invite" next to the contact's name.

Start a new group chat

  1. On your Android phone, open Allo.
  2. Tap New Chat New chat and then Start group chat.
  3. From the Contacts list, tap the names of the people you want to chat with. You can also search for their names or numbers.
  4. Tap Next and then Name the group chat. You can also add a photo or choose an avatar. If you don't want to name the chat or add a photo, tap Done.
  5. Enter your message and tap Send Send.

If you can't send a message using Allo, you'll see "Invite" next to the contact's name.

Settings for group chats

Once you've created a group chat, you can change its settings:

Add someone to a group chat
  1. Tap the group chat you want to add someone to.
  2. In the upper right, tap the profile icon.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • Add a person directly: Tap Add people and then Tap the person's name and then Next.
    • Send someone a link: Tap Add people and then Share invite link and thenChoose an app to send the link. You can edit the invitation message before you send it.
    • Add a person using a QR code: Tap Group details and then Add with QR code. When the QR code shows, tell the other person to scan it by going to Menu Menuand thenQR scanner. Anyone with the QR code can join the group chat.
Mention someone by name

If you want to mention someone specifically by name, type "@" and tap the name that you want. Then type what you want to say and tap Send Send.

Change the group chat link

To protect the privacy of the group, you can reset the group chat’s link to a new one.

  • Only people with the new link can join the chat.
  • Resetting the group chat's link will also reset its QR code. 
  1. Tap the group chat.
  2. In the upper right, tap the profile icon and then Add people and then Reset link and then Reset.
Leave a group chat

When you leave a group, your group chat history will be deleted from your device. But the messages won't be deleted on other people's devices.

  1. Tap the group conversation you want to leave.
  2. In the upper right, tap the profile icon and then Group details and then Leave and delete chat history.
  3. Tap Leave to confirm you're leaving the group chat.
Remove someone from a group chat

You can remove anyone in the group chat at any time. When you remove someone, the messages will be deleted from their device.

  1. Tap the group conversation from which you want to remove someone.
  2. In the upper right, tap the profile iconand thenGroup details.
  3. Tap the person’s name and then Remove from group.
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