Disconnect your phone number from Google Allo

If you want to stop using Google Allo, you can unregister your phone number. If you want to disconnect your phone number from other Google services, you'll need to disconnect it separately.

Note: Uninstalling Allo doesn't automatically unregister your phone number.

  • If you uninstall Allo and don't reinstall within 40 days, Google will automatically unregister your phone number from Allo and delete any backups you have.
  • After uninstalling, you may still be reachable if you have app preview messages on or through an Allo message by SMS.

Unregister your phone number

Remember that once you unregister your phone number, you'll need to register it again to use Allo.

  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap Menu Menuand thenSettings Settings.
  3. Tap Unregister phone number and then Unregister.

What happens when you unregister your phone number

Re-installing Google Allo without unregistering your phone number

If you re-install Google Allo and register your phone number with the app on a new device without unregistering on your original device, your group chat memberships and undelivered messages will carry over to the new device.

This also applies if you no longer use your phone but don't unregister. If the next owner of your phone installs Google Allo with the same phone number and uses the app, your group chat memberships and undelivered messages will show on the phone.

Get messages on a new phone with the same phone number

If you get a new phone with the same phone number, continue getting messages on your new phone by installing and verifying Allo. Then the messages will go to your new phone and stop on your old phone.

Lost phone: If you lose your phone, we recommend that you call your phone carrier and block text messages until you get your phone. Once you have your phone number working again, install and verify Allo with the same phone number to continue getting messages.

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