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Disconnect your phone number from Google Allo

If you want to stop using Google Allo, you can unregister your phone number. 

If you want to disconnect your phone number from other Google services, you'll need to disconnect it separately.

Unregister your phone number

Remember that once you unregister your phone number, you'll need to register it again to use Allo.

  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap Menu Menuand thenSettings Settings.
  3. Tap Unregister phone number and then Unregister.

What happens when you unregister your phone number

  • Your Allo conversations from your device will be deleted
  • If you're in a chat with only one other person, disconnecting your phone number with Allo also delete any activity data for you and that person.
  • You'll be removed from all group chats
  • Any blocked phone numbers will be deleted from the blocked list
  • If you connected a Google Account: Your chats with your Google Assistant will remain. To remove those chats, you'll need to delete activity with your Google Assistant separately in Allo first.
  • If you didn't connect a Google Account: Your chats with your Google Assistant will be deleted.
  • If you have an Android device: You may still receive Allo chats through app preview messages unless you turn off that setting on your phone.

Re-installing Google Allo without unregistering your phone number

If you re-install Google Allo and register your phone number with the app on a new device without unregistering on your original device, your group chat memberships and undelivered messages will carry over to the new device.

This also applies if you no longer use your phone but don't unregister. If the next owner of your phone installs Google Allo with the same phone number and uses the app, your group chat memberships and undelivered messages will show on the phone.

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