Change your name and profile photo

You can add your name and a photo to your Google Allo profile. Your name and profile photo will be visible to anyone who has your phone number in Allo or who you message from the app.

Add your name & photo

During registration for Allo, you can take a selfie or choose a photo from your device's library. Or if you don't want to add a photo, tap Skip. Then type your name.

Things to note

  • A name is required, but you can use a nickname or another name besides your real one.
  • Adding a photo is optional. 

Change your name & photo in settings

You can change your name or photo in Allo's settings. Remember that your name and profile photo are visible to anyone who has your phone number in Allo.

Note: This setting only works on mobile.

  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Profile and then Edit Edit.
  3. Choose one of the options:
    • Tap your name: Type your new profile name.
    • Tap the camera Take photo: Take a new photo or choose one from your library. Or you can remove the photo to no longer show a photo.

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