Change app or chat notifications

You can change how you're notified about messages and other updates in Allo. You can choose different settings for specific chats.

Change how you're notified about messages

Turn off notifications and sounds in the Allo section of your device’s settings.

  1. On your iPhone or iPad, open Allo.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Settings and then Notifications  and then Device notifications  and then Notifications.
  3. Choose which settings to change, including whether to get notifications or hear sounds.

Mute a chat

You can silence the notifications for any chat.

  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap the chat you want to change settings for.
  3. In the upper right, tap the profile icon and then Mute Mute.

Change what updates you get

Notifications about your contacts or features are on by default.

  1. Open Allo.
  2. Tap Menu Menu and then Settings and then Notifications.
  3. Choose the setting you want to change:
    • Chat suggestions: Get notifications for chat ideas and trending topics.
    • Contact updates: Get alerts for your contacts, like when a contact joins Allo.
    • What’s new in Allo: Learn about new options in the app.
    • Smart reminders: Get notified about unread messages and chats.

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