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Send messages or invite people to Google Allo

You can send messages to anyone in your contacts or invite them to chat with you through Google Allo. To send and receive messages on Allo, you only need Wi-Fi or a mobile data connection. 

Important: As part of our product policies, using Allo to spam others isn't allowed.

If your contact doesn't have Allo yet

  • People who don't have the app can reply to your message through an app preview message or SMS message, depending on their phone and settings.
  • Invite your contacts to download Allo: So they can use all of the features.
  • When one of your contacts joins Allo: You'll get a notification. If you don't want to get notifications, when you get a notification, tap Unsubscribe.
  • To start a chat, ask them to scan a QR code on your device: When someone doesn’t have your phone number yet, you can share your Allo QR code with them. This will start a chat, and the other person can see your phone number.
    1. On your device, open Allo.
    2. Go to Menu Menu and then Profile and then QR code.
    3. Have them scan the code by using a QR code reader app. A chat will start between the two of you.

Start a chat

  1. Open Allo and then Start a chat New chat.
  2. From the Contacts list, tap the name of the person who you want to chat with. You can also search for the person's name or number.
    1. Allo contacts: Contacts who have Allo or can be reached using an app preview message.
    2. Phone contacts: Contacts who don't have Allo. You can invite your friends to use Allo or chat with them using an SMS message.
  3. For phone contacts, choose an option:
    1. Invite: Your default SMS app will open with a pre-loaded invitation message that you can edit if you want.
    2. SMS: Choose one of the following:
      • Chat or Add via SMS: Create a group chat or send your Allo message through a free SMS message using Google. Your contact can respond to you directly through the SMS message.
      • Invite to Allo: Ask a friend to download Allo. Your default SMS app will open with a pre-loaded invitation message.
  4. Type or edit your message, and tap Send Send.

Note: At this time, the option to chat via free SMS messages is available only in certain countries. You won't be charged for the SMS, but your contact's SMS carrier rates may apply.

Reply with pre-written responses using Smart Replies

When someone sends you a message, you can respond to messages without typing, in your style--through a choice of a few simple, pre-written responses.

  • Send pre-written response: Tap the one you want to use.
  • Write your own response: Tap the message field and enter your message. The pre-written responses will disappear when you send your message.

Message not sending

If your message isn't sending, check to make sure you have a strong data or Wi-Fi connection. You can also see if messages have been sent or read.

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