Reply to a Google Allo message or chat in the app

When you get a Google Allo message by SMS in a group chat, reply directly to the text or download Allo to chat with friends (recommended). If you reply by SMS, you won't be able to see images, use the Google Assistant, or send stickers.

Download & install Google Allo

Reply when you get an Allo message through SMS

You can see group chats and Google Assistant responses. To see images or use Allo features, download the Allo app.

If you don't have Allo, here's what you can do:

Respond to a message without downloading Allo
If your friend is using Allo, your SMS response will show up in their app. (Carrier text-message rates may apply.)
  • Continue chatting with the Allo user: Reply to the SMS that has the chat message.
  • Stop receiving Allo messages by texts: Text "STOP."
See a deleted SMS
If you accidentally deleted your Allo SMS message, you can still view them by downloading the app:
Chat in groups

Allo group chats sent through SMS will only show who added you to the group and the messages in the conversation. You won't see everyone in the group or other group settings.

To use the full features of a group chat, download the app:

View stickers, photos, and other media

Some media won't be available through SMS--including stickers, location sharing, photos, videos, & other attachments. To view the files, download the app:

Receive location info

Sharing locations doesn't work through SMS messages. To see the location someone shared with you, download the app:

See Google Assistant responses

Your friend messaging you on Allo might include the Google Assistant in a message. If you get the chat through SMS, you'll only see the Assistant's responses and won't be able to chat directly with the Assistant.

If you want to interact with the Google Assistant, download the app:

Stop receiving text messages

To stop receiving Allo messages by text: Reply to an SMS with "STOP."

What you can do with Allo

If you get Allo, you can use its smart-messaging features:

  • Answer chats quickly: Respond to messages without typing, by tapping a suggested automated response.

    Smart Replies, or suggested responses, are available in English, French, Hinglish, Indonesian, and Portuguese.

  • Chat with your Google Assistant: Ask the Google Assistant questions, or tell it to do things. The Google Assistant in Allo is available in English, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.
  • Message others in private: Use private notifications to keep your chats more discreet and send messages through end-to-end encryption in Incognito mode. Set messages to disappear after a period of time.
  • Adjust your font in messages: "Whisper" to your friend through tiny font, or "SHOUT" to them in big letters.

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