Report on programmatic native ads

You can report on native ads as you would for other ads in DFP:

  • When you report with the “Creative size” dimension in the DFP Query Tool, you’ll see a special “Native” value for native ad impressions.
  • You can also use the “Native style name” and “Native ad format name” dimensions to break down your reports by native styles and formats.
  • We recommend using the Ad Exchange Historical report type for multi-size backfill inventory. This is because, in DFP historical, if you’re mixing native and banner ads on a single Ad Exchange line item, you won’t be able to use creative size to distinguish between native and banner ads. DFP reporting currently only displays the size of the DFP creative for multi-size requests. Because there’s only a single creative in this multi-size configuration, the DFP Query Tool always displays the same size in the “Creative size” dimension, regardless of whether Ad Exchange served a native ad or banner ad.
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