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Target programmatic native ads with rules

In Ad Exchange, set specific rules for each unique combination of your inventory. When you add a rule, select your targeting. Ad Exchange does not support rule targeting on creative format (like native or banner). All of the usual rule targeting options (Geography, Inventory sizes, etc.) apply to native ads.

Price floors: You can use an Open auction pricing rule to set a price floor for single-size requests such as:
  • 300x250 native only
  • 300x250 native or banner

When setting a price floor for single-size requests:

  • Existing pricing rules apply to native ads when targeting matches. For example, a pricing rule targeted to Brazil will apply to native ads served in that region.
  • For native styles: From the targeting selector, choose the size of the native style you want to price.
    • For example, if you set a pricing rule targeted to the 300x250 inventory size, that rule will apply to all ads that fill 300x250 ad requests (300x250 banner creatives, and native creatives that use a 300x250 native style).
    • You can also price on the Fluid inventory size.
  • For custom rendering in mobile apps: From the targeting selector, choose Custom rendering from the “Inventory sizes” section.
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