Access and monitor your active Ad Exchange deals

When accessing your active Ad Exchange Preferred Deals or Private Auctions, you can quickly monitor and identify any potential issues by viewing key metrics for all deals at once. Ad Exchange allows you to filter and sort the list of deals to easily highlight those that may not be transacting.

To access your active Ad Exchange deals:

  1. Sign in to your Ad Exchange account and select the "Deals" tab.

    For Preferred Deals, click Active from the "Preferred Deals" section of the left navigation menu.

    For Private Auctions, click Private Auctions from the left navigation menu. Active Private Auctions display, by default.

    If you're accessing this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, click Sales and then Preferred Deals or Private Auctions.
  2. (Optional) Filter the active deals displayed using the "Filter deals" search box. Ad Exchange searches for matching text from the deal or buyer name, or a matching deal ID.
  3. (Optional) Sort the list of active deals displayed by clicking the column heading.

    You can get a quick snapshot of the health of your active deals by sorting by the following metrics:

    7 day impressions: Identify any active deals with either zero or a very low number of available impressions. If the numbers are lower than expected, you should check the deal's targeting settings or your Ad Exchange backfill settings in your DoubleClick for Publisher's account.

    7 day fill rate: Identify any active deals with a low fill rate. For these deals, you should click to view the details in the Deal Check report to determine why they are not transacting and what you or your buyer can do to troubleshoot.

  4. (Optional) Click View in the "Deal Check" column to see a detailed report of where bid responses and impressions were filtered, and any potential issues that may be actionable by you, or by the buyer.

Learn more about how to check for deal blocking issues with Deal Check.

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