Block a video ad in creative review

This Ad Exchange feature can also be accessed from within DFP. Learn more about Ad Exchange in DFP.
  1. In your Ad Exchange account, click Creative review.
    If you're accessing this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, select Delivery, then Creatives > Exchange creatives.
  2. If you have multiple Ad Exchange products, select Video from the syndication types.
  3. The "Shown" section allows you to see what has been shown in your account. To see a video ad play, hover over a video ad’s window and click Play video.
  4. To search for a particular ad, click Filters. Here is a list of available filters:
    • Ads matching: Search for an ad using keywords or its click through URL.
    • Ad language: Search for an ad by language.
    • Similar to image: If you have a screenshot of the ad, you can upload it here and the system will search for an ad that matches the screenshot.
    • Ad types: Search for the ad by type (Text, Image, Rich Media, and/or “Real-time bidding”.) 
    • From ad network: Filter ads out by ad network.
    • New ads in last: View ads within the last day, last 3 days, the 7 days, or from all time (“All”)
    • Preferred deals: Find ads tied to a particular preferred deal.
  5. Once you have located the offending ad, hover over the ad and click Block.
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