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Remove category blocks in Ad Exchange


Opportunity assessment

Often publishers block entire categories in order to exclude all ads from that source or improve the quality of ads that serve to users.

Every blocked category reduces the number of ads within an auction and decreases competition, resulting in lower CPMs for the winning ads. Unblocking categories increases auction pressure.

Also consider moving blocks from the “Everything” rule (blocking at the account level) to specific rules only. This still protects your inventory where necessary, but also opens up inventory on less restricted sites.


test implementation


To remove category blocks:

  1. In Ad Exchange, select the Rules tab and click Blocking in the navigation menu. You can see a summary of each category blocked for each rule.
    To access this feature from DFP instead of Ad Exchange, select Inventory and then Ad Exchange rules and then Blocking.
  2. Unblock a category by clicking the rule, then clicking the “x” next to the category name.
    Treat sensitive categories with care.
  3. Also consider using more specific sub-category blocks to limit impact.
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