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Show or hide reviewed ads

As an additional filter for 'Shown ads', you have the ability to show or hide reviewed ads. The Show reviewed ads checkbox enables you to switch between viewing all ads or only those that still require review. A reviewed ad is one that you've either blocked or that was on a page of ads where you clicked the next page navigation arrow Next page navigation arrow (found at the bottom of the page). When the Show reviewed ads checkbox is:

  • Selected Reviewed ads checkbox selected (default view), the page shows all ads whether they have or have not been reviewed. The previously reviewed ads appear greyed-out. If you have more than one page of ads, you must click the next page navigation arrow Next page navigation arrow, in all cases except the last page, to mark ads as reviewed.
  • Unselected Reviewed ads checkbox unselected, the page shows ONLY non-reviewed ads.
The progress bar measures the number of ads reviewed. Therefore, when the Show reviewed ads checkbox is unselected, the progress indicator is not available.
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