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Private ad units in Ad Exchange Inventory Controls

In the ad unit-based system, private ad units allow sellers to make branded inventory available to specific buyers at specific minimum CPMs. Minimum CPMs are negotiated directly between the seller and the buyer, and then account settings ensure the correct buyers are able to access inventory at a certain minimum CPM. Buyers then target the site normally, and if the CPM clears the minimum, it transacts. In their communications with buyers, sellers need to account for revenue share when informing buyers what their maximum bids should be.

In the Ad Exchange Inventory Controls system, there are no private ad units. When Rules is adopted, private ad units inherit all of the current configurations, but have specific setups for buyers, per-buyer min CPMs and advertisers. The flexibility available in rules supersedes the need for “private ad units.” 

For buyers and per-buyer minimum CPMs:

  • One “Pricing and blocking” line per unique per-buyer minimum CPM value for all allowed buyers with a minimum CPM.
  • One “Pricing and blocking” line which lists all allowed buyers, with prices set to the ad unit’s minimum CPMs, or Blocked if the unit is anonymous-only or branded- only.
  • “Everyone” floor prices are set to Blocked.

For advertisers, one “Pricing and blocking” with all allowed buyers and all blocked advertisers, marked blocked.

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