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Allow or block ads in Creative review

  1. Locate your ad. To navigate through the ads, use the left and right arrows at the bottom of the page. 
    If you can’t find your ad, search for specific ads based on ad text, URL, ad type, or ad network.
  2. Hover over the ad.
  3. Click Block. The ad’s status changes to “Blocked.” If you want to block a group of ads, you can click and drag a selection box to highlight and block multiple ads.
    Currently, there is no maximum number of creatives you can block in Creative review. In addition, there is no maximum number of creatives that will display in the Shown or Blocked sections. The ads that display are based on impression volume received by the creative--the most impressions appear ordered first. Ads that are in "Blocked ads" are sorted based on the time they were blocked.
    To unblock, the ad must be clicked a second time.
To help you review small image ads, hover over the ad to expand to a larger preview size. In the bottom right corner of each ad tile, click the 'resize double-arrows' for a full-size preview of the ad along with a preview of its landing page. In addition, you can view information about the AdWords advertiser of the ad, the ad network of the ad (non-adwords ads), and the duration of video ads.

You can remain in the full-size preview mode and block creatives as needed. You can also block ads from the Google Publisher Toolbar.

Block all ads from an AdWords account

  1. Hover over an ad from that account.
  2. In the bottom corner of the ad, click the gear icon.
  3. Choose Block this AdWords account: All ads from this AdWords account will always be blocked. Blocking ads from an AdWords account may have a negative impact on your revenue.
Ad updates should take effect on your pages within a few hours.

Change the ad status

After you've taken action on an ad or AdWords account, you can always change your settings later.

  • For Ads, you can take action on previously reviewed ads. Visit the appropriate tab, then locate the ad and change the status of the ad.
    • Shown for ads you've allowed
    • Blocked for ads you didn't
  • For AdWords accounts, blocked accounts are visible on your "Settings" page. Click remove next to the respective account to change its status.
Updates to ads or AdWords accounts that you've acted on in the past may take up to a day to take effect on your pages.

Blocked ads may still appear in Creative review

It may take up to 24 hours from the time you block a previously-approved ad before it stops showing on your pages.

Creative review shows all ads that have received at least a small number of impressions in the last 30 days. An ad blocked by URL or category is not immediately removed from Creative review, as it still has old impressions from the last 30 days. Instead, the ad moves down the list of ads for review (which are ranked by the number of impressions they’ve received) until it no longer receives enough impressions to meet the minimum threshold and drops off the list.

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