Negotiate a guaranteed inventory proposal

When you receive a proposal for programmatic guaranteed inventory, you can negotiate by suggesting changes that are then shared with the publisher. Your negotiation might include changes to the rate, impression volume, or targeting a user list. When the publisher is ready to close the deal, they send you a request for acceptance.

See an overview of the phases of negotiation

Every proposal goes through three phases:

   Status checkbox  Review    Status checkbox  Acceptance requested Status checkbox  Accepted


Review: The proposal is under negotiation between you and the publisher. Changes are still being made and the details haven't yet been fully agreed upon.

Acceptance requested: You've reached agreement. Only the publisher can send a request for acceptance, and only you can accept the formal offer.

Accepted: You have accepted the formal offer and the proposal is considered sold.


The illustration below shows the general flow between you and the publisher.

Seller icon
Buyer icon
Seller Double arrows Buyer
You and the publisher negotiate terms of the proposal.
Seller Right arrow Buyer
Acceptance requested
The publisher is ready to make a formal offer and close the deal.
Seller Left arrow Buyer
The proposal is sold and inventory is reserved.

Once you accept a publisher request, DFP creates an order and reserves inventory.

Review publisher changes or accept a proposal

Publishers send a proposal for review if the terms of the proposal are still a work in progress. When a proposal is sent to you for review, you cannot yet accept a formal offer, but can send proposed changes or messages.

Once you and the publisher have reached an agreement, the publisher sends a request for acceptance. Only the publisher can send a request for acceptance, and only you can accept the formal offer.

To review changes or accept a proposal:

  1. Navigate to the "Negotiate" section of the Marketplace and click In progress.
  2. Locate the "Action required" section to determine if the publisher has sent any changes to review.
  3. If so, click on a name of the proposal to go view the proposal details.

    If the publisher is ready to close the deal, the proposal displays the "Publisher requests your acceptance" message.

  4. Click Accept as is to accept the changes, or Reply to suggest further changes.
  5. If you suggest further changes, click Send.

The publisher has the option of retracting an acceptance request or a sold proposal. If a request for acceptance is retracted by the publisher, the proposal returns to the review phase and you no longer have the option to accept.


If at any time during review of a new or changed proposal or order, the publisher wishes to terminate negotiation, they may do so only prior to your acceptance.

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