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Understand RTB Breakout data

The real-time bidding activity data shown in RTB Breakout displays bid responses and impressions that were filtered from the available impressions and any potential issues that may be actionable by you. Using the activity data, you can determine possible ways to increase impression availability.

Available impressions, inventory matches, bid requests, and successful responses sections are not visible to accounts who use third-party bidders.

Available impressions

Total number of impressions available during the chosen time period.

Filtered impressions

These impressions were filtered because of your pretargeting configuration. Ad Exchange will only send requests for impressions that match your pretargeting criteria.

Learn more about what you can do

Pretargeting is used to ensure that Google sends you the most appropriate impression by acting as a filter for the bid requests sent to your bidder. You can access and update pretargeting configurations in either the Ad Exchange user interface or using the REST API.

Learn more about pretargeting with the Ad Exchange user interface or the REST API.

Inventory matches

The total number of potential queries based on your pretargeting settings.

Bid requests not sent

Bid requests for these impressions were not sent. This may be because of your quota limits, selective callouts, or other technical issues.

Learn more about what you can do

Quota limits are used protect bidders from receiving more requests than they can handle, as well as to conserve Ad Exchange resources for callouts for which you are unlikely to bid. Pretargeting matches that exceed quota limits are dropped.

You can learn more about quota limits, including error throttling and selective callouts in the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding Protocol.

Bid requests

The total number of bid requests sent to the bidder. *

Bid response errors

These bid responses were unsuccessful. This may be because of a timeout, incorrect response formatting, or other response errors.

Learn more about what you can do

Your bidder must return a parsable BidResponse to every BidRequest, to avoid bid response errors, timeouts, and bidder throttling. Learn more about how to build a response using the DoubleClick Ad Exchange Real-Time Bidding Protocol Response Guide and view the best practices for developing applications.

Successful responses

The total number of properly formed bid responses received by our servers within 100 ms.

Responses without bids

You chose not to bid on these requests.

Responses without bids for this deal

You chose not to bid on these deal requests.


The total number of bids received from the bidder. **

Filtered bids

The total number of bids filtered by Google policies, publisher exclusions, and bids excluded from the deal or private auction.

Learn more about what you can do

Bids that did not compete in the auction are listed in the RTB Breakout bidding flow, by reason or issue, and sorted by the number and percentage of bids affected.

Click on the reason or issue to see the ten creatives with the highest volume of bids filtered for that reason. You can use this list to troubleshoot the source of your filtered bids, or click View bid samples to debug bidder issues.

To download a list of the IDs for the creatives that were disapproved, click on the reason or issue, followed by Export.

Learn how to troubleshoot bid response filtering or debug bidder issues.

Bids in auction

The total number of bids that passed through all filters and competed in the auction.

Lost in auction

These bids lost in the auction. You may want to ensure your bid meets the required CPM and/or adjust your bidding strategy to win more of these impressions.

Impressions won

The total number of impressions your bidder won.

* This may be less than the inventory matches due to quota limitations and/or a callout rate below 100%.
** If there was more than one bid per response, the sum of bids and responses without bids will total more than successful responses.


Next steps

If you've found all configurations to be accurate and have questions about RTB Breakout data, contact your account manager or use the contact us form.

Learn how to view real-time bidding activity data using RTB Breakout.

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