User management overview

User management offers a way to add and manage your Ad Exchange account users and clients. It determines who can access your account and the features available to them.

Account users

Users of your Ad Exchange account are configured to grant or limit access to certain features by assigning a user role. The system-defined "Administrator" role has full access to all Ad Exchange features. Users with this role can add new users and assign either limited access to view certain features with the "View only" role; or full access to negotiate deals and access reporting with the "View and negotiate" role.

Account users (4:39)

Clients and client users

Clients of buyers can be added to your Ad Exchange account and configured to grant or limit their exposure to publishers in the marketplace, and to optionally allow direct negotiation and deal approval permissions.

Clients and client users (8:47)


Learn how to add and manage account users or how to add and manage clients and client users.

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