Verify eligibility to bid on mDialog inventory

mDialog is a server-side ad insertion solution that combines ads and content to serve in a single stream. Rather than playing an ad directly from an advertiser in a video player within an app, the stream is sent to the user from the cloud, providing a seamless playback experience.

More information on mDialog ad serving

When mDialog detects an ad for the first time, it is transcoded and stitched into a stream. Once the ad has been prepared, it can be inserted into a stream when detected again. mDialog knows if it has previously detected a creative by looking for a creative ID in the VAST response.

There are strict requirements for advertisers to serve ads into mDialog inventory. Buyers must provide the creative ID in their VAST inline response for mDialog detection. Also, because the creative assets are re-transcoded by the publisher, they should meet certain quality standards.

Buyer checklist

Use the following checklist to ensure that you are ready to bid on mDialog inventory:

  • Complete the standard VAST certification process for DoubleClick Ad Exchange. We do not have a separate certification process in place for mDialog inventory today, though this is subject to change.

    To learn more about certification for Ad Exchange, visit the 3PAS certification help center.
  • Verify the third-party ad server being used to serve inline VAST responses. For quick reference, the following ad servers have already been verified and work with mDialog. Note that this may not be an exhaustive list. Flingo TidalTv
    Auditude Innovid Ads TubeMogul
    Brandads AdServer LiveRail VideoHub
    BrightRoll MAD VINDICO
    DCM MediaMind YuMe
    Extreme Reach PlayTime  
  • If your ad server is not in the list above, review the inline response from the ad server. The ID must uniquely identify the creative.

    See an example from a sample ad tag
    In this example, the creative ID is available, and uniquely identifies the creative (i.e. this ID should be the same if the same creative is decisioned). The ad ID may alternately be used if the creative ID is not available.
    <vast version="2.0">    
      <ad id="223626102">
          <adsystem version="2.0">Programmatic_Video_Buyer</adsystem>
          <adtitle>In-Stream Video</adtitle>
            <creative id="88529" sequence="1">
                  <mediafile bitrate="330" delivery="progressive" height="360" type="video/mp4" width="640"><!--[CDATA[,ipbits,expire,id,itag,source/signature/A0FF77D2BF6D9ABE9DB658AC2CFA090C151537E7.66BB369A6B2BC004B7323090D636028F261BA1B4/key/ck2/file/file.mp4
  • Ensure only linear, VAST creatives are used. Skippable and VPAID creatives are ineligible to run on this inventory. Dynamic creative is not allowed, and extensive creative rotation is discouraged.

  • Ensure that the pretargeting configuration is eligible to receive mDialog inventory by removing any of the following exclusions:

    • Mobile Apps
    • Mobile Apps Category
    • Platform (Mobile or Tablet)
    • Mobile Operating System

Best practices for booking creatives

Use the following best practices when preparing and trafficking creative assets for use with mDialog inventory.

  • Ensure that a high quality creative media file is trafficked. A 720p HD or better creative is recommended, but not required. If a lower-fidelity creative is used, the creative may appear distorted in high quality streams. Creatives must also include at least one MP4 creative.

  • If creatives are changed for a campaign that has gone live, you should upload a new creative rather than rather changing the media file for an existing creative. This prevents stale creatives from being shown by mDialog.

Available buyer signals

Devices Audience targeting Frequency capping 1 Geo targeting (on IP) Device
type 2
Content signals
iOS Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Android Yes
Yes Yes Yes
Roku Coming
Yes No Yes
Apple TV
No No Yes No Yes
Fire TV Yes
Yes Yes Yes
(server-side beaconing)
No No Yes Varies
by device
  1. If a buyer is targeting mobile inventory, frequency capping and audience targeting will work. However, if a buyer wishes to target Apple TV inventory or Roku (i.e. OTT), those devices do not have privacy safe identifiers, and those capabilities will have to be disabled.

  2. Device type will be determined by device user agent, however other device classifiers may be also be passed as required to increase match.

    Device type Sample user agents
    iOS Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 8_0_2 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/600.1.4 (KHTML, like Gecko) Mobile/12A405
    Android Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; U; Android 4.3; en-ca; SGH-I337M Build/JSS15J) AppleWebKit/534.30 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/4.0 Mobile Safari/534.30
    Roku Roku/DVP-5.1 (025.01E01195A)
    Apple TV AppleTV/7.0 iOS/8.0 AppleTV/7.0 model/AppleTV3,1 build/12A335 (3; dt:12)
  3. Mobile web is offered through IMA SDK.

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