Inventory Discovery overview

Inventory Discovery is designed to help you plan your campaigns with confidence. Set accurate expectations for future ad inventory and discover new opportunities without needing to run your own experiments.

A wide variety of targeting options lets you narrow your results and investigate unfamiliar markets.


  • Discover the number, price, sites, demographics and more of all impressions your current campaigns will target.

  • Incorporate publisher blocking settings for the most realistic estimate possible.

  • Troubleshoot your current creatives: Enter a buyer_creative_id and get back realistic estimates incorporating your declared ad sizes, landing pages, and creative categories.

  • User lists: Predict the reach and CPMs of your user lists.

  • Explore new inventory in unfamiliar markets, with fine-grained demographic and regional settings.

  • Investigate a Preferred Deal or Private Auction: Discover the inventory available through a specific active deal. (For offer forecasting, go to the Marketplace)

  • Break out by format: Mobile interstitial, HTML5, Flash, pre-roll, content ratings, and many more dimensions.

Quick start

Inventory Discovery is easy to use. It's only as complicated as you need it to be:

  1. Click the Inventory Discovery tab in the Deals UI.

  2. Add some targeting dimensions. For example, click Ad position and select Above the fold.

  3. Click Update to see the available inventory.

  4. Then click the dropdown menu next to "Show me" and select a different metric for the table to display. For example, select Countries, then click Update again to see inventory broken down by country.

Note that different buyers may have a different floor price, which may result in a different number of impressions and uniques for the same inventory.

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