View bidding metrics with RTB graphs

You can use RTB graphs to view and monitor bidding metrics, such as quotas, inventory matches, bid requests, successful bid responses, and errors. This feature allows you to identify problematic changes to bidder configurations through comparison of metrics over time.

View and configure RTB graphs

  1. Sign in to your Ad Exchange account. Learn more
  2. On the Bidding tab, click RTB graphs.
  3. Select and deselect which metrics are displayed by clicking on their name at the top of the graph.
  4. (Optional) View specific trading locations by clicking the Filter by trading location menu, located above the graph. The graph will display all locations, by default.
  5. (Optional) View an expanded date range by clicking the date menu, located above the graph. The graph will display the last 48 hours, by default.

The RTB graph and metrics will update automatically with any change to configurations. To export the data, click the Export CSV button.

Sort RTB metrics

Metrics used in RTB graphs are displayed in a list below the graph, and can be sorted by any of the available metrics. To sort by a metric, click the top row of the corresponding column.

Learn more about metrics available with RTB graphs

The following metrics are available with RTB graphs, and are shown in queries per second:

Metric Definition
Configured quota The maximum number of callouts per second your bidder is configured to receive, as set by your account team or via the REST API. Learn more
Spend based quota The maximum number of queries your bidder can receive based on your recent spend. Your effective quota before error throttling is the minimum of configured quota and spend based quota. Learn more
Adjusted quota The adjusted number of queries your bidder receives after error throttling. Learn more
Inventory matches The number of potential queries, based on your pretargeting settings. Learn more
Bid requests The number of bid requests sent to your bidder. The number of bid requests may be less than inventory matches, because of quota limits or callout rates below 100%.
Successful responses The number of properly formed bid responses received by our servers within 100 milliseconds.
Unsuccessful responses The number of bid responses which failed, often due to timeout, server error or an invalid response (not well-formed).
Bids The number of bid responses with an ad.
Filtered bids The number of bids filtered due to a policy violation, malformed response, or other error.
Example: Max quota to filtered bids illustration

The table below illustrates the relationships between the metrics displayed in RTB graphs. QPS values are for demonstration only.

down arrow
QPS Metric  
  Configured quota
Configured quota is used as the effective quota because it is lower than the spend based quota.
  Spend based quota
  Adjusted quota
Reduced by 50, due to errors in previous bid responses.
  Inventory matches
  Bid requests
Reduced by 50, due to selective callout optimization.
400 + 50
 Successful responses  Unsuccessful responses
  Filtered bids
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