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Ad Exchange macro support

Below is a list of frequently used macros supported by third-party ads in Ad Exchange.

More information

For a full list of macros, including detailed information on creating a bid response with real-time bidding, see Building the Response. If you have additional macro implementation questions, please contact us.

Macro Description
CACHEBUSTER String representation of a random unsigned 4 byte integer.
CLICK_URL_ESC The escaped click URL for the ad. Use this instead of CLICK_URL_UNESC if you need to first pass the value through another server that will then return a redirect.
CLICK_URL_ESC_ESC Allows two redirects.
CLICK_URL_UNESC The unescaped click URL for the ad. In the snippet, an escaped version of the third party click URL should directly follow the macro.
SCHEME Resolves to http: or https:, depending on the inventory type. Only the HTML tag’s text provided to Ad Exchange will be adapted, so fourth-party calls outside the HTML tag’s text will not be adapted by this macro. This macro is not supported for VAST in-stream video.
SITE The URL-escaped domain of the content URL or the anonymous ID for anonymous inventory.
TZ_OFFSET Timezone offset.
WINNING_PRICE RThe encoded impression cost (that is, CPI rather than CPM) in micros of the account currency. For example, a winning CPM of $5 USD corresponds to 5,000,000 micros CPM, or 5,000 micros CPI. The decoded value of WINNING_PRICE in this case would be 5,000. The winning price is specified in CPI.

To allow Google to track clicks and easily share with your publishers, your third-party tags must use a Google click macro. Learn how to implement the Google click macro.

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