Supported macros

Below is a list and description of macros supported by third-party ads in DoubleClick Ad Exchange. For more details, including information on implementation, please contact us.

Ad Exchange buyers participating in third-party ad serving are required to use the Google click macro in their tags. This allows clicks to be reported back to Google, which can then share them with publishers.

Macro Description
CACHEBUSTER String representation of a random unsigned 4 byte integer.
CLICK_URL_ESC The escaped click URL for the ad. Use this instead of CLICK_URL_UNESC if you need to first pass the value through another server that will then return a redirect.
CLICK_URL_ESC_ESC Allows two redirects.
CLICK_URL_UNESC The unescaped click URL for the ad. In the snippet, an escaped version of the third party click URL should directly follow the macro.
SCHEME Resolves to http: or https:, depending on the inventory type. Only the HTML tag’s text provided to Ad Exchange will be adapted, so fourth-party calls outside the HTML tag’s text will not be adapted by this macro. This macro is not supported for VAST in-stream video.
SITE The URL-escaped domain of the content URL or the anonymous ID for anonymous inventory.
TZ_OFFSET Timezone offset.

Additional macros for the Ad Exchange callout proxy (Real-time bidder)

Macro Description
WINNING_PRICE Returns the winning price for the impression. Encoded impression cost (CPI) is given in micros of the advertiser's account currency. Format: <encoding_type>:<encoded_value>. For example, "0:125000" (clear text encoding).