Required ad tag for DCM users

If you're an Ad Exchange buyer that uses DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DCM) or redirects to buyers that use DCM, you must insert the dcopt=anid key-value into ad tags targeted to publishers' anonymous inventory.

Requirement for buyers on the DoubleClick Ad Exchange

All buyers (advertisers or publishers) on DoubleClick Ad Exchange are required to protect the anonymity of anonymous publisher inventory on DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

With DoubleClick Verification, DoubleClick has developed a special key-value for anonymous inventory, dcopt=anid. When buyers target anonymous inventory, they must ensure this key-value is included in any subsequent DCM ad tag resulting from a redirect booked in their system.

Here is an example of an ad tag with the dcopt=anid key-value:;sz=468x60;dcopt=anid;ord=[timestamp]?

Please be aware that the dcopt=anid key-value should not be inserted into all DCM ad tags. It should only be inserted into a tag when buyers target anonymous inventory for that ad.

Learn more about DoubleClick Verification in the DCM Help Center (sign-in credentials required).

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