Learn the ad approval process

All Ad Exchange ads go through an approval process to make sure they're safe and appropriate for users. We review each ad to see if it complies with our advertising policies. If we find any issues, we'll notify you with information about the policy and what you can do to get your ad approved.

How to submit ads for approval

Whenever you create a new ad or make changes to an existing ad, your ad automatically gets submitted to us for review.

Note that we don't review paused ad creatives, or ad creatives in a paused ad group or campaign.


Ads cannot show until they've been reviewed and approved. We strive to review all ads as quickly as possible, usually within one to two business days. If you've been waiting for your ads to be reviewed for more than two business days, please contact us.

Note that if you edit an approved ad, it will return to the queue for review, and cannot run until it's been re-approved.

Our ad review systems may check the content you're advertising, your advertiser's website, cookie usage, and technology vendor usage. For additional details on these guidelines, please visit Ad Exchange Policies and Enforcement.

If we find anything that doesn't comply with our policies, we'll disapprove your ad and send you an email with information about that policy. You'll also get an alert in your account pages informing you about the disapproval. For example, if we find an ad that points to a website that's not working, we'll mark that ad as "Disapproved" and send you an email explaining why we disapproved the ad.

Approval statuses

During the approval process, your ads will be given a status. You can see the status of your ad by logging into your account and looking at the "Status" column of your Ads tab. Below is a list of statuses you might see.

Status What it means
Under review Your ad is still being reviewed.
Disapproved There's an issue with your ad and it can't run right now.
Approved Your ad has been approved to run.
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