In-stream targeting options

In addition to the targeting methods available to display ads, the following options are available for in-stream video ads:

YouTube channel placements

UI instructions

YouTube Channels can be targeted using Display Planner. Learn how Display Planner works.

RTB instructions

If you use a real-time bidder, YouTube Channels are passed to your bidder as a targetable signal.

In RTB callouts, we pass afv_user_XXXX or afv_user_id_YYYY as YouTube targetable channels:

  • XXXX represents the channel name of a YouTube channel not linked to a Google+ account.
  • YYYY represents the unique user ID of a YouTube channel linked to a Google+ account.

RTB buyers can get information about either type of channel using the YouTube Data API. The user profile method is particularly pertinent (example output for the “googledevelopers” channel).

Learn more about AdX Video and RTB.
YouTube content rating labels

Use YouTube content rating labels to target ads to age-appropriate content placements. Do so by excluding the YouTube content labels you don’t want to target.


In addition to in-stream video placements, Ad Exchange has available in-game placements from our network of AdSense for Games publishers. This inventory expands the reach and volume available to your campaigns, especially for longer duration video ads. If you want to target in-game placements, you need do nothing, as targeting works the same as for in-stream video placements. If you don't want to target in-game placements, select the "in-game" category exclusion.

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