Enable a campaign for real-time bidding

In your campaign settings, you have the option to turn on real-time bidding rather than use the bids set in your ad groups. Bids are based on your response to the real-time bidding call-out sent to your server on each ad impression.

Real-time bidding requires explicit approval along with proper server configuration. If you're interested in real-time bidding, contact us.
  1. On the "All online campaigns" page, create a campaign or click the name of the campaign you want to adjust.
  2. In the "Cost and delivery" section, click Real-time bidding (advanced), then On: send me requests for bids using real-time bidder. (If you're editing the campaign settings, you'll need to click Edit to change the setting.)
  3. Save your changes.

The bidding option must be set to focus on impressions in order to enable this feature and for the campaign to run. Also, at the ad unit level, the Destination URL must be representative of the advertisers returned via the HTML snippet.

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