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Target ads to regions, cities, and postal codes

If you'd like to reach customers only in specific regions, cities, states, metro areas, or postal codes, you can target your ads only to those locations:

  1. On the All online campaigns page, click the name of the campaign to edit.
  2. Click the Settings tab.
  3. In the "Who should see my ad" section, enter regions, cities or zip codes in the search box. Results are displayed as you type.
  4. From displayed matches, click Add, Exclude or Nearby, depending on how you want to target (or exclude) the selected geographic area.
    • Select Add to enter the region, city or zip code in targeting criteria of the campaign.
    • Select Nearby, and you'll be prompted to choose adjacent areas, and can also choose to select a radius around the selection.
    • Select Exclude to explicitly exclude the geographic region from the campaign's targeting criteria.
  5. (Optional) Click Advanced search to employ radius targeting, or to view, add and remove locations on a map. After you've made advanced selections, click Done.
  6. When you've made all location selections, click Save.

About postal code targeting

  • When you enter a zip or postal code on the Search tab, we'll show the nearby city we associate with that postal code. If our system isn't able to locate a city, or if the reach is considered limited, you'll see a suggestion to target areas around the postal code that you entered.
  • If you're targeting a particular postal code, we recommend that you not set a radius too precise, say fewer than 5 miles, as this may result in very few impressions.
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